Friday, August 31, 2007



Finally I finish my title page for this blog. :)
Here are the sketches.
I hope that I don't loose the habit to keep posting,I feel that up to now I'm doing good:)....

uhmm... what will be next ? I have so many thing i need to start that I feel swamp.
Oh yeah need to finish my design for my T's!!!

see you later peeps. some character designs will be coming soon to =_______+

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Good mo ning =______=

I just got to work and I'm already tire :'

I forgot my sketchbook at home:(
and still have nothing to put up :|
I been working on some ideas and the minute I focus on one, another idea starts calling my attention. Well, hopefully by the end of today I'll put some sketches.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I just finish my zkong title for this bolg.:)
I took me two day, wow

Man it feels good finish up, at least half way, I'm doing two more key frames, you'll see it soon.

for now enjoy.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

woo hoooo !!!

I just finish the begining of one of my dreams(i not sure if that is clear) well, i just created two other blogs :)
I'm super super about them and the posabilities.
As for the sketches i'm going to work on them now


One more thing

I been so in gulf by the fact that i yet to start painting,man.
I really could kick my ass.
Well, this time for me is like they say now or never, so hopefully starting to voice my
frustrations and procrastination will help me to get off my ass and start.
By the way my first painting sketch is in the starting stage.
I'll post it soon(my mind goes every were sometimes, to much to focus on :( wak wak wak)

Hey! i like the big word used hi hi hi(not bad) I'm trying to express my self outwardly been cooked up in my on head for to long:)

Well her we go

Just go to the grind :\
I been a little stuck. I have started to design some characters and while doing this and idea pop.(more than one but you know, out of all the ones that come to you few call you out).
Well the idea has guide me to what is going to be my new t-shirt line that will express my spaced out mind. The name of the line is call "this is not for you" (Yey!!!!!!):|

well the first design is on the way. Can wait to show it.

Everyone enjoy this day.